Hugh Yeman

I'm named after a man who died of gangrene three days after taking a Vichy French bullet during the Battle of St. Cloud in North Africa on November 10, 1942. Follow that bullet back. Roll back all that German steel across the sand dunes, across the water. All those forces were set in motion by a little man who discovered he could gain popularity by telling poor people that malignant, subhuman foreigners were to blame for all their problems.

I'm as scared as I've ever been in my life. The maddening thing is, I'm not scared for myself. I'm a straight white guy with computer skills; I'll be fine. I'm scared for all my brothers and sisters who aren't straight white guys. If I'm scared, I can only imagine how they feel.

I won't stand by. I will stand with them. And I'm asking you to stand with me.

AllyNet is exactly what the name implies: a network that connects a person who feels unsafe, with an ally to accompany him or her until they reach their destination safely. If you or anyone you know is afraid today for themselves and their family here in our country, we are with you. Your life matters to us. I can't say it will be OK, but I promise to stand with you, and in front of you if you need me to.

Remember, there are more of us than there are of them. Let's act like it.